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From the Desk of Tony Laidig

RE: Limitless Blog Content

How many times have you found yourself in a place where you needed a new article for your niche blog, but you were hitting a wall faster than psychotic, hunger-ravaged chicken on crack pecking the ground in search for the last kernel of corn? (What?!) You realize that you have:

Zero Motivation

Zero Creativity

Zero Time

ZERO Blog Content

Sure, you could go out and buy some private label rights articles that everyone tries to sell you, if you don’t mind the fact that 100’s of other people are posting the SAME articles you are on their blogs. Google will smack you with “duplicate content” penalties quicker than you can enter your Paypal information to buy even more of that “quality” content. Ouch!

No thanks! Of course, with PLR content, you also run the risk of getting general information written by “writers” who speak English as a third or fifth language. This is YOUR reputation, not theirs, so what do they care?

Hey, I know…

You could hire a ghostwriter to write your content. That way, they can have it finished while you are working on more “important” parts of your business. Great idea! Except…

  • Where do you find the best writers?
  • Do they really know the topic, or are they just researching
  • Are they plagiarizing other articles?
  • Are they re-hashing the same articles they just sold to your competitor?
  • It’s going to cost you HOW much per article?
  • Etc….

Okay, so maybe ghostwriting ISN’T the answer.

Get Limitless Blog Copy Right Away!

Well, there is ALWAYS the old stand-by…

Write it yourself...

Oh…wait. That’s what we’re trying to avoid to begin with, remember? Zero motivation, creativity, time, etc. Okay, there has to be a better way.

I got it...!

How about Public Domain books? They’re full of content, right? And it’s free, right? Well, yes and no! You’ve read books, haven’t you (the correct answer here is “yes” whether you have or not). Articles need to be short and concise, where books tend to be…well…LONG. Your reader wants to be able to get through your blog post quickly. If they wanted to read a book, they probably would (although that’s doubtful). So Public Domain books are NOT your answer for blog and article content…sorry! Don’t get me wrong, I love Public Domain books (obviously), but for blog articles…they aren’t the answer.

Ideally, the content for your niche blogs should be:

Focused: You want content that gets to the point quickly.

Fresh: No one wants to read content that’s posted on 50 different blogs.

Brief: Blog readers want the posts kept short and to the point.

Relevant: Unrelated posts can be the kiss of death for your blog.

Quality: Poorly written posts will ultimately result in losing readers.

Consistent: Readers expect regular blog posts, not sporadic ones.

If your blog posts aren’t representing these KEY factors, you’re at risk for losing something else…

Your Credibility!

The fact is that you NEED quality content and lots of it. So, unless you’re a prolific writer for EVERY niche topic you plan to sell to, you have a huge problem, and it’s a problem that faces thousands of bloggers and marketers everywhere…

Where can I find quality content?

Find Quality Content NOW!

By now, you might be thinking, “So what’s the big deal with blogs anyway? Why should I even care? It’s probably just the next flash-in-the-pan waste of my time and effort!”

Here's the truth: Blogs are a BIG deal…

You see, blogs provide the perfect opportunity to:

Create passive streams of income through affiliate sales, Adsense, banner ads and more (which means more money)

Establish yourself as an expert (which increases credibility)

Get your website indexed quickly by Google (which means more traffic)

Manage and update your websites quickly (which saves time and effort)

Interact with your customers and subscribers (which increases loyalty)

Quickly post content from a variety of sources, including video (which provides flexibility)

Benefit from the power of the Social Bookmarking and Networking Sites (which means even more traffic)

And a lot more

No other type of website can do for your online business what a blog can do, or as quickly. That’s just a fact. So the way I see it, you have two potential problems that need solved in a hurry...

You need a blog (or learn how to set one up)

You NEED lots of fresh content for your blog

Recently, when working on another project, I had a bit of an epiphany concerning blog content. The solution was staring me right in the face and it was one that nearly everyone in the internet marketing community has missed. It appeared to be a perfect solution! Here's why...

There is a nearly limitless supply of the content. You’ll never need to stress over content again!

It’s proven content. This content has been written by experts in their field and reviewed by publishers and seasoned professionals.

It’s free. You can use this content as much as you want, wherever you want without needing to worry about royalties or hidden expenses.

It comes in bite-sized chunks. The content is the perfect size for blog posts, ranging from a few, short paragraphs to just a few pages. That means the content is focused and concise…perfect qualities for blog posts.

It’s fresh content. This content source is virtually untapped because most people don’t know how or where to find it.

It’s available for nearly any niche. You will be able to find content for just about any topic you choose, guaranteed!

Curious? I thought you might be!

Introducing: Limitless Blog Content: Ultimate Edition

Stealth Strategies to Generate Limitless Amounts of
Quality Niche Content for Your Blogs

Invest in Your OWN Copy Today!

Limitless Blog Content: Ultimate Edition includes four valuable modules that teach you how to be successful in using Public Domain magazines to build content-rich blogs, articles and information products.

In Module One, the “Limitless Blog Content” manual, you will discover:

One of the largest, mostly untapped resources for blog and article content

How you can quickly identify the best sources for your niche content

My step-by-step process for locating and preparing the content for your blog

How to easily identify and avoid potential pitfalls with certain types of content

Where to find niche-specific images you can use in your blog posts for free

How and why you should be using video on your niche blogs

How to set up your own WordPress blog, step-by-step

How you can easily change the appearance of your blog

What are the best WordPress plugins to maximize your blog’s effectiveness

The best ways to monetize your blog and content

How you can avoid being labeled as a Spam Blog (splog)

How you can use Social Networks to drive tons of traffic to your blog

And Much More!

I take you step-by-step through the entire blog process, from registering a domain and setting it up you’re your hosting account to installing WordPress and updating themes and plugins. I show you exactly how and where to find limitless amounts of content for your blog and show you exactly how to prepare it for use. It’s an extremely simple, straight-forward process.

Plus, to bring "Limitless Blog Content" to life for you, I take you behind the scenes of a Case Study I created especially to prove the power of the system. And not to give away too many secrets, but I had ten pages indexed by Google in under 24 hours!

"Limitless Blog Content" is also the perfect companion to other affiliate sales systems that use blogs to make affiliate sales. After all, you NEED content for those sites…remember?

By now, your mind might be thinking, “If this method works for finding tons of content for blogs, then it might work for finding content for creating information products as well!”

You’re starting to catch on!

When it comes to "Limitless Blog Content," the potential is huge and the possibilities endless.

Public Domain Magazine Secrets

Module Two, “Public Domain Magazine Secrets” reveals:

The three primary reasons using Public Domain magazine content is better than content from other sources

15 ways you can turn Public Domain magazine content into cash-pulling info products

Two technicalities that can make some magazine illustrations off-limits, EVEN if they're in the Public Domain

My Four-Step process for verifying the copyright staus of ANY magazine issue or submitted article

The different types of content you'll find in magazines that are not available anywhere else

Nine resources to help you identify whether a magazine is in the Public Domain

Where to look online and offline for magazines, journals and periodicals

My sneaky sources for finding magazine content in the Public Domain for almost ANY niche

A special section that breaks down copyright law for those in the UK (and other countries) who want to access this treasure trove AND find UK magazines in the Public Domain as well

A complete listing of EVERY magazine that renewed their copyrights and which issues they renewed them for...all 1,300 magazines!

And Much More!


The Magazine Master List

The Magazine Master List is the result of my quest. In it, you'll find over 6,750 magazine listings on nearly any topic imaginable. Plus I provide step-by-step instructions on how to use this list, along with an excellent case study that takes you from keyword search to finding the actual magazine online.

In Module Three, the “The Magazine Master List” shares:

Over 50 hours of research and formatting

Two Sections of magazine listings with issues published pre-1964 (before the copyright laws changed. Section One offers over 3,650 magazines that feature themes including:

  • Hobbies
  • Home
  • Pulps (novels, stories, etc.)
  • Men and Women
  • Sports
  • Literature
  • The Arts
  • Nature
  • Health & Beauty
  • And Much More

Section Two contains over 3,100 periodicals that are focused on themes from professional, trade and education fields. The second section also includes many popular magazines as well. These journals, reviews, papers, and magazines include themes such as:

  • Law
  • The Sciences
  • Literature
  • Trades
  • Government
  • Medicine
  • And Much More

Publish Dates for most of the magazines are included with the Section Two periodical listings

Step-by-step instructions on how to make the most of the listings in your research

A Case Study where I walk you through the keyword-based search process using The Magazine Master List, checking the copyright status of the "found" magazine, and locating copies of the magazine online.

A special website where new Public Domain magazine "find" will be listed on an ongoing basis. PLUS, you will be able to post your OWN discoveries as well. That way, this list will continue to grow and expand.

Value $47

Stealth Magazine Strategies Audio Session

You get to "listen in" on an hour-long, candid, brainstorming session I had with one of my business partners, who just happens to manage several magazines. This gal KNOWS the Magazine Publishing industry. You'll hear us discuss some secret strategies that were too hot to even include in the Magazine Secrets Module.

Module Four, the “Stealth Magazine Strategies Audio Session” reveals:

How to use Public Domain magazine content to start your OWN print publication.

Key insights into using ads in current magazines to reach tens of thousands of people cheaply for selling Public Domain magazine-based products.

How to capitalize on local research techniques.

Identifying hot niches and what to do with them.

Strategies I am personally using to ramp up my own Public Domain magazine strategies to the next level.

And Much More...

You DON'T want to miss out on this recording!!


So Here Is What You Need to Do Next!

Order You Limitless Blog Content: Ultimate Edition Today!

This new blog content model will save you a TON of time and money, it’s just that simple. This isn’t rehashed BS that some rookie ripped off from a washed-up Clickbank product. To my knowledge, this is the first time this powerful methodology is being introduced to the main stream.

Because of the power and effectiveness of "Limitless Blog Content: Ultimate Edition," pricing it at $397 would make perfect sense, because that’s what you would be paying for just twenty quality articles at $20 bucks a piece. Four hundred bucks for limitless content?! Heck yeah!

For a limited time however, I am offering a special price on "Limitless Blog Content: Ultimate Edition" of just $197 (That's a HUGE savings of $200 off the regular price! ) because I want to make this an investment you can afford, but will ALSO put into practice in your business. We both know that if you don't take action, nothing happens!

Invest in Your OWN Limitless Content NOW!

I know you're probably ready to invest right now...but I want to sweeten this deal even more to create an amazing special offer for you by including some special bonuses that will perfectly compliment "Limitless Blog Content: Ultimate Edition." Let's take a look at all the extras you'll receive with this VERY special offer:

Bonus #1

Public Domain Cashflow

I wanted to put together the perfect, down-and-dirty e-book on the Public Domain that would be perfect for both beginners and seasoned marketers. Public Domain Cashflow is the result of that goal! Imagine have an almost endless supply of fresh, high quality niche content that you can use time and time again to create instant information products day in and day out? No expensive ghostwriting fees, no sleepless nights spent furiously writing up new content for your next bestseller. What am I talking about? What's the big secret? Every Internet Marketer selling you pre-packaged content is giving you little value for your money!

Within Public Domain Cashflow, you will find

  • How creative works pass into the public domain
  • The biggest secret about the Public Domain that no one is telling you
  • The 6 critical features of any successful business strategy
  • The true nature of the public domain (something most Internet Marketers don’t even CONSIDER!
  • 15 different profitable niches that you can instantly exploit RIGHT NOW to fast track your online business empire
  • How to cash in on current events and trends to launch an information product
  • Details on how you can profit from two of the most over-looked assets in the public domain
  • A blueprint for quickly finding the right public domain works for your business
  • The top 10 resources on the Internet that you can use to find quality content instantly!
  • Answers to advanced issues such as copyright problems on unpublished works and trademarks.
  • The real deal on when and why you need legal advice
  • A secret stash of super-charged resources that you can use to do everything in your online business – from doing market research to finding public domain works to building your own website
  • And much more!

    Value: $47


Bonus #2

Public Domain First-Aid Kit

Negotiating legal issues can be a bit tricky, especially when it comes to Public Domain Magazines. Copyright Issues, trademarks, publicity rights, licensing restrictions and more can bite you in the butt if you are not careful when working in the Public Domain.

In This Special, Five E-book Collection, You Will Learn:

  • 6 ways that resources in the Public Domain can be protected that will limit or stop their usage every time.
  • What items cannot be protected by copyright.
  • The basics of licensing and how to use it to your benefit when protecting your own Public Domain collections.
  • What are the differences between copyrights, trademarks and patents.
  • How trademarks affect your ability to use certain Public Domain works.
  • Trademark basics and why you need to understand them.
  • What you need to know about patents.
  • And Much More...

Value: $37


Bonus #3

Periodical Copyright Research Step-by Step Form

I have broken down the entire Periodical research process (Magazines, Journals, Newspapers, etc.) into a Step-by-Step, easy-to-follow form that shows you exactly where and how to research your periodicals to find out for sure if they are in the Public Domain. I also include steps for researching individual articles as well. This is a Must-Have form for anyone planning to use Public Domain magazine content! And by the way, the Periodical Coptright Research Step-by-Step ALSO works for books as well!

Value: $27

Bonus #4

Advanced Public Domain Strategies Audio

In this powerful audio, I share advanced Public Domain strategies I’m using right now to grow and explode my online and offline businesses. I peel back the curtain to reveal:

I go into detail on how I use Public Domain video to promote affiliate products; where I get my background music, the software I used to edit and finish the finished and much more.

I’ve identified some killer methods for using Public Domain magazine content to drive serious traffic to your websites, and to establish you as an expert in your niche. These methods are SO valuable and important that I just hired my daughter JUST to focus on these methods. I’ll share what they are in detail.

There is a sub-niche in the Internet Marketing arena that is exploding right now and I am going to share how you can take advantage of the frenzy by using Public Domain content.

There are advanced research techniques that can seriously speed up your ability to find quality Public Domain magazine content. I’ve invested a considerable amount of money in identifying them and testing them, and I tell you what they are.

And MUCH more.

Also included is a PDF of the detailed teaching notes I used during the presentation, so that you’ll have easy access to all the websites and research materials I discuss.

Value: $97

Bonus #5

Step-by-Step Copyright Research Video Tutorial

In this 20 minute video, I take you step-by-step through the process of checking the copyright status of magazines and magazine articles. You will discover:

Why this content is the perfect choice for building your niche blogs

How to determine whether the content is available or off limits

What Copyright Laws say concerning this type of content

Which two websites you need to use for all your copyright research

An easy, step-by-step way to verify copyright status for your content in just minutes

The content author's role in preparing the content for publication

And Much More!

Value $47

Just Added! NEW Bonus Videos!

Limitless Blog Posts & Articles Using Google Books

In "Limitless Blog Content," I spend a LOT of time talking about how to find limitless amounts of proven content for your blogs, articles and products. In this brand-new video, I expand the content raid to Google Books and show you, step-by-step, exactly how I have been exploiting BOOK content for blog content as well. There are a couple "tricks" you need to know to really be effective with this...and I reveal them ALL in this video!

Value $47

Tapping Into Google Book's Magazine Stash

Since writing "Limitless Blog Content," Google has added Magazines to their popular book search. The only problem is that they don't let you download the magazines (many of which are in the Public Domain) or gain easy access to the article text. In this NEW video, I show you exactly how to grab those magazine articles and convert them into editable text for your blogs, articles and products. I walk you through the entire process, step-by-step using ONLY free tools. ANYBODY can do this and it will not cost you a dime!

Value $47


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To Your Continued Success!

Tony Laidig
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PS - A hidden world of opportunity is about to be opened to you. Your Blog Content will never be the same again!

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